THE PRODUCER: Amy (kc/dc) Oden lived in New York until age 10, when her family moved to the DC metro region. In 1996, at age 15, she started attending local shows and getting involved in the D.I.Y. community. She got her bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism (with a minor in Comparative Literature and a certificate in Women's Studies) at the University of Maryland in 2004. She was one of a few main organizers of Richmond's three-day C.L.I.T. fest in June of 2007, and a core organizer for Washington, D.C.'s C.L.I.T.Fest in 2011, which raised over $9k for H.I.P.S.. She does media literacy education work with girls, and is currently enrolled in George Washington University, pursuing a Masters Degree in Women's Studies.

THE CO-PRODUCER: Brian (bk) was born and raised outside Washington D.C. until the age of 19 when he moved and remained within the city limits. He has a B.A in Political Science and History and a Masters in Education. Growing up listening to punk and indie rock, he was introduced to hardcore and the DIY scene at 18. Around 2003 he began setting up shows in D.C and taking part in organizing conferences such as NCOR and Visions in Feminism as the first male organizer. Today, he continues to book shows as well as make his own art and music.

THE EDITOR: James Branscome (Jim) is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker/videographer. Originally from the Baltimore area, James graduated from Towson University in 2003 with a degree in Electronic Media and Film where he directed three short films. All three films went on to be screened at various film festivals with his Film III project, "Plucked Daisy" winning the Towson Media Arts Festival. In 2004, along with fellow Towson alumni and long friends formed Bluetrane Productions. Under the Bluetrane banner, he directed and co-wrote ten short films with many of them again being screened at various film festivals. James has also worked as an editor for Digital Roadshow Productions, putting together DVD featurettes for such releases as "Caligula," "Xtro," and "Don't Answer the Phone." In 2009, James moved to Los Angeles to continue pursuing a career in the film industry. He has edited two short films and is currently working on a TV pilot called "Pumpkin Morgue: Paranormal Investigator," which is a mixture of dark comedy and parodying of paranormal reality TV.

THE WEB-DESIGNER: Cher has resided in dystopian Singapore all her life. She intends to get out (possibly forever) at some point. She is a professional life drawing model and freelance graphic/web designer, as well as a juggler of misc. odd jobs. However, a more accurate description of herself amidst a sea of labels she'd rather not align herself with, "queer punk feminist" comes close. She is also a zine enthusiast, photographer, writer, voracious reader, urban explorer, Japanophile, illustrator. She also runs a zine distro, and books tours and shows with her collective.

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